The RICKMEIER-principle

The RICKMEIER-principle

The RICKMEIER-principle includes five advantages, which customers and suppliers experience when cooperating with RICKMEIER. It is an elementary part of the corporate strategy and employees of all areas relate to it in their day-to-day work. Learn more about the RICKMEIER-principle and you will quickly realize that it is the basis of our success.

Continuity for generations

The construction of a new administration building and doubling the size of the production plant in the past years show that RICKMEIER thinks and acts with the future in mind. RICKMEIER sticks to its site in Balve, Germany, and hence knows the importance of continuity and reliability through the developments of the past years: Continuity in corporate management and reliability in processing projects. The success of a company is always based on people. Therefore it is a main issue for RICKMEIER to invest a lot of commitment and creativity into the training of their employees. Their own training workshop enables RICKMEIER to train employees in various jobs and stresses the companies future minded responsibility. Engineers and technicians of RICKMEIER develop and produce products that inspire customers and users of international markets.

Focus on customers

Customer orientation and partnership: That is what RICKMEIER is about. Short times of reaction, individual solutions and modifications even for small series underline the company’s flexibility. Well-known companies all over the world apply RICKMEIER’s well-proven range of pumps and valves, which has grown over decades. Individual solutions and concepts are developed and put into practice in close cooperation with customers and users. Being close to the customers is what counts! Qualified and long-time persons of contact provide guidance for development, production and service. The competence of employees and the many years of experience make a cooperation with RICKMEIER a success. Customer’s long-time loyalty is the result. Contact us and we will adjust ourselves to your needs and requirements.

Living quality

Quality starts in people’s mind. At RICKMEIER you can feel how quality is lived all over the company. Quality determines consulting services, development, production and service features.
The consulting competence is characterized by a high demand on transparency and efficiency. The development is run by people who know what is expected on the market. Due to innovative production and assembly processes the production department guarantees an outstanding quality.
The service team focuses on the customer’s needs and is flexible. The use of the latest bench test methods, a process-oriented management system and the certifications according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001 are essential components of the high demand on quality. The quality on which customers around the world rely: Made in Germany - lived by more than 200 employees.


Redefined competence

When it comes to developing, producing and applying gear pumps, valves and systems for various application fields, the engineers and technicians from RICKMEIER fall back on the company’s many years of experience. With the latest measuring and testing methods the development department is available during all development stages. Customer-oriented development times, reliable products and satisfied customers lie at the heart of the day-to-day work. Please take advantage of this competence and let RICKMEIER’s engineers and technicians support you.

Forward-looking technologies

Next to the extensive experience of the employees, the development and production of gear pumps, valves and oil supply systems also requires the use of the latest technologies. Innovative production methods and the building of a serial test bay for standard and special applications underline the high technological demand. RICKMEIER products are subject to continuous advancement.
The constant dialogue with customers and users of various industries leads to reliable technical solutions which are simply matchless. Low-noise pumps with excellent suction performance, valves of highest precision and systems that are both reliable and durable, inspire customers all over the world. Users from around the globe appreciate this quality and rely on the RICKMEIER brand.