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Compressors / turbines

RICKMEIER products are used to ensure the reliable supply and conditioning of oil in transmissions for piston, screw or turbo compressors and turbines.


  • .Mechanically driven gear pumps from our modular system or customised products adapted to Customer interfaces, for reliable oil supply for compressors and turbines
  • .Optionally also with switchover function to ensure the oil supply in the case of change in the direction of rotation due to re-expansion


Oil supply, turbine/compressor transmission (example: R93/1720)

Oil supply, screw compressor transmission (example: R25/40)

Oil supply, screw compressor transmission (example: R29/22)

Oil supply systems

  • .Oil supply systems configured to specifications as container or base plate systems for delivery, cooling and filtering of oil for compressors and turbines


Container system for oil supply to transmission of a water turbine (example: WS 2000 S-4XR45/160)

Container system for oil supply to a compressor (example: WS 4200 S-R65/500)