Gear pumps / pump units: durable, variable and economical

RICKMEIER gear pumps and pump units perform a broad variety of tasks in a wide range of industrial applications: from lubrication circuits to pressure generation in hydraulic working systems or the transportation of liquids for oils and other flow media. In many applications, they work in the background, quietly creating the preconditions for reliable and problem-free operation of other machines. The gear pumps and pump units can be used in hazardous areas according to ATEX directive 2014/34/EU. Furthermore, essential series of our program can be delivered in the Eurasian Economic Union, as they are marked and certified accordingly with EAC or EAC Ex. 

Pump series R5

From the point of view of both purchasing price and operation, the proven external gear pumps of the standard R5 series are the most economical solution for a wide range of applications. Sturdy design and the use of high-quality wear components guarantee long and reliable operations. The rotary shaft seals ensure a particularly long service life.

In addition to the standard versions, the pumps offer diverse possibilities which allow optimum adaptation to the respective application. The variable modular system of this series makes it possible to implement a wide variety of material, casing, sealing and functional variants.

With their three-part casing, the pumps can be adapted simply and easily to suit customer-specific interfaces through the use of customised casing components. The RICKMEIER engineers and technicians will find the optimum solution for any application!

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Standard version:

Pumps of series R25 to R105 with pressure relief valve

Pump with pressure relief valve in cross-section (example: R25)

Special versions (examples):

Pump with driving cover executed as an oval flange with integrated pressure control valve, shaft end with tappet (example: R25)

Pump with driving cover executed as a round flange with integrated pressure relief valve, shaft end with splined shaft profile (example: R35)

Pump with gear casing with axial pipe connections (example: R25)

Pump with tapered shaft end and pilot-controlled pressure control valve (example: R95)

Pump with attachment bearing unit (example: R25)

Pump with reversing valve (example: R45)

Double pump with pressure relief valve (example: R35)

Double pump with special driving cover and pressure relief valve (example: R95+35)