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RICKMEIER pressure valves are reliable, robust and extremely durable. They are used all over the world in lubrication technology as well as for all kinds of oils or lubricating liquids.


RICKMEIER valves have been especially developed for installation into pipelines and are used for pressure limitation and pressure control. A spindle allows precise adjustment of the desired opening or working pressure. The valve piston has a low breakaway force and enables a sensitive response of the valve when the set pressure is reached. Sharp control edges on the piston and valve boxes make the valves insensitive to dust particles in the medium.

In addition, we offer pilot-controlled pressure relief and control valves for particularly high flow rates (up to 5000 l/min), optionally with external actuation, as well as pilot-controlled pressure relief valves with electrical or pneumatic change-over or with proportional control.


. DBV40

. DB9

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. DBV40

. DB9

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Pressure relief valve RSn

Directly controlled pressure relief valves RSn / RSn(E) (DN12 to DN50), maximum flow rates: 40 l/min to 650 l/min

Pressure relief valve DBV40

Pilot-controlled pressure relief valve DBV40 (DN40), maximum flow rate: 400 l/min

Pressure relief valve DB9

Pilot-controlled pressure relief valve DB9 (DN80), maximaler Volumenstrom: 1800 l/min

Special versions (examples):

Pressure control valve DBV40

Pilot operated pressure control valve DBV40 (DN40) with external control

Valve DB9

Pressure stage switching valve DB9 (DN80) with electrically or pneumatically actuated directional control valve

Pressure control valve DBV80

Pilot operated pressure control valve DBV80 (DN80) with external control, flanged design for mounting without piping

Pressure control valve DBV125

Pilot operated pressure control valve DBV125 (DN125), maximum flow rate: 5000 l/min