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Wind energy plants

With over 30 years’ experience and more than 100,000 pumps sold for wind energy applications, RICKMEIER is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pumps for wind generation plants.

Mechanically driven pumps

  • .RICKMEIER UNI oil supply pumps are an integral element in the realisation of wind turbine gear units. Their unique, extremely compact design guarantees reliable change-over (same direction of flow even when direction of rotation is reversed), and they work safely and reliably without switching valves! RICKMEIER UNI pumps offer convincingly low pressure losses even at low temperatures and high oil viscosities.

.Datasheet UNI-Pump


UNI pump with SAE connections in cross-section (example: R6.0/160)

UNI pump with pipe thread connections (example: R4.5/45)

UNI pump with integrated pipes (example R4,0/35)

UNI pump with integrated pipework and clutch (example: R4.5/45)

UNI pump as a plug-in pump (example: R4.5/45)

UNI pump with attachment bearing and pinion (example: R4.5/54)

Electrically driven pumps

  • .RICKMEIER designs pump units in a wide range of versions for lubrication and oil conditioning in wind turbine gear units. For wind energy applications, electrically driven pumps from the R5 series are equipped with rotary shaft seals, which allow the realisation of extremely long running times due to their material and design. Targeted design measures ensure that the pumps are particularly low-noise, even during operation with foamed oil.

.Datasheet series R5


Pump units of series R25 to R95 with pressure relief valve


Oil supply for wind turbine gear unit, cold climate applications (example: R35/50)

Oil supply for wind turbine gear unit (example: Plug-in pump R49/80)